Here at Spirit Wakes Academy, you will be encouraged to delve deep into the many facets of what makes YOU the person you are. 

Through online courses and in person workshops you will be encouraged to embrace the natural world, it’s season cycles and the phases of the moon.  You will learn how to journey with your natural environment, finding inspiration and clarity, as you discover more about your true self and the world around you.  

You will re-learn how to work with these natural energies, to bring about transformation, real magic and growth. 

ONLINE Nature reading courses for 2021

 Learn the art of Apantomancy - Using Nature as an Oracle 

Introducing my Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Nature reading courses for 2021
For many of you who have worked with my cards you will know I created them as tools for connecting to the natural world around you.
My 3 levels of Nature reading Courses are designed to help you learn how to use observation, documentation and research to form a life long connection to nature by creating a deep relationship with and understanding of your local flora and fauna. They are intended to form a natural progression from beginner level through to the advanced nature reader level  

These Courses are each offered over a 6 week time frame.
They take place in an online classroom which is where you will find all of your downloadable PDF course workbooks, weekly activities, video tutorials and an in-depth downloadable Nature Reading course workbooks which you are encouraged to print off and which works along side the online content of the courses. 
We also have a private Facebook group where you are welcome to share, talk about the weeks content, how you are going with the lesson and what you have learned or may need some assistance with.
Throughout the 3 courses you will explore how to-
  • Interpret, observe and record animal messengers to build your own knowledge bank which is needed to use  nature as an oracle.
  • Work with animal fears and phobias to better understand your shadow self
  • Connect and better understand the lessons of your local environment as well as the local flora and fauna that call it home.
  • How to work on building a relationship with your local animal messengers through observation.
  • Work with the natural elements, environments and landscapes to gain an understanding of how these energies can be used to better understand your own internal landscape.
There are also heaps of journal prompts , questions and activities that will encourage you to explore your local area and better understand the connection between our external and internal worlds. These courses are designed to complement each other, with the levels building on the information learned in the previous level. You must complete each level before moving onto the next. 

FULL FEE  PAYMENT OPTION  to enrol with a one off payment of $199 just use the "Enrol Now" button below 
PAYMENT PLAN METHOD - 6 weekly payments of $34 AUD.
If you would like to enrol using the payment plan method you can do so using the yellow "BUY NOW" button below. 
Cost of course is $199 enrolments open
April 1
Cost of Course is $199
Enrolments open May 1

IN person workshops 2021

As well as my online study courses I am hoping to run a series of in person Journaling workshops around documenting seasonal Nature Observations and how we can use this practise as part of working with and better understanding the natural seasonal cycles happening around us and how they relate to our own internal cycles.
At this stage I am looking at possible venues that would be suitable to run these workshops in so if you have a shop or space that you feel would be suited please make contact as I really do want to spend more time doing these kind of intimate workshops where we can share food, knowledge, conversation, and experiences in a safe and friendly space. 
These workshops would be preferably run over half a day and all materials would be supplied. Costing for workshops would then depend on the number of people attending, travel costs, any hire fee for the space used for example and would be calculated based on the costs involved