The Language and Beauty of Nature 

 What is Nature reading ?

Nature reading is simply offering guidance through interpretation of  the natural world. This involves being aware of and observing the many animal , insects and birds and their unique qualities and behaviours and learning how we can gain insight into how we can use these behaviours in our own lives.

As well as the fauna we can also gain insight from the flora, rocks, rivers and the land masses that create our landscapes. Literally everything in our natural environment can hold a message for us. 

Through my Reading cards, I offer an introduction to connecting with the natural world through observation and understanding of the lessons our environment can teach us. 

My Online courses and in person workshops are an introduction to Nature reading. You will be instructed on how to understand and work with the natural cycles and seasons, how to document, interpret and gain insight from your interactions with the many flora, fauna and natural environments you encounter in your everyday life.  

My reading cards are used as a tool, assisting you to understand the link between the behaviour or energy  of the fauna, natural environments and sacred spaces and how this helps you receive guidance you can apply to your own situations. Encouraging you to find and interpret  your own messages from nature as well as encouraging you to connect with the spirits and energy of place. 

My  workshops and courses focus on Nature reading, documenting and interpreting animal messages and connecting with your creative self, 

I also share my own spirituality, how to connect with your natural environment and the spirits of place at various locations throughout the year as well as offer in person workshops on similar topics 

If you are interested in booking me for in person workshops, seminars, or story telling circles please use the contact tab and ask for my prices and availability. 

Messages From Nature

I have spent years observing the fauna, flora and landmarks of my beautifully little valley and this has taught me how to understand our natural messengers.

I write and paint about my observations in order to share with you my culture, spirituality and to encourage you to forge a deeper connection with your immediate environment. 

The creation of my reading cards is my way of sharing my knowledge and insight to enable you to the ability to converse with your natural world. 

Connecting with nature

There are messages all around us if we take the time to observe and listen. 

Start by taking note of what animals, birds and insects are present around your home. You may be surprised just how many different species there are and how different their personalities and energies are. 

As well as the fauna of your area, there will be natural spaces of much power, places of rest and mediation and spaces where you will feel energised. It is a good idea to take note of the energy around you home and work with it. 

Maybe  you could go outside right now and  see what conversations with nature you can inspire.