Hi Lovelies!
Let me introduce myself. I am an author, artist, educator and creative business mentor.
My Indigenous connections are to the Worimi & Biripi people of the Manning River area of NSW, Australia. I take a lot of pride in not only my Aboriginal heritage, but in all the influences that are sewn into the tapestry that is my bloodline. 
With a keen interest in intergenerational learning and teaching, I share my connection to place and my personal experiences through my published works, courses & workshops and online programs. 

my art

I create art inspired by the Australian landscape and the beautiful Bellingen Valley where I was born, live and play.
I dot with bird feathers found on my many bare foot walks around my home at the bottom of the Dorrigo plateau. 
I attempt to capture not only the colours but the feelings and emotional connections we have to the flora, fauna and scared spaces within our landscape.


"Laura is a gifted and inspiring teacher. Her course curriculum is extensively researched and the way she delivers it is appropriate and powerful. She is a highly respected story keeper and is unfailingly generous in sharing her wisdom and lived experience.  Through Laura's curriculum and guidance, I now have a strong working knowledge of how to connect to, and care for, Country. I see this as my responsibility and now have even greater respect for Aboriginal Elders and all they have sacrificed to protect, preserve and celebrate this sacred land.' - Kat

'I have followed Laura for many years and love working with her oracle decks the art work and meanings she has created in each oracle deck shows the passion she has for helping others. I have also completed some of Laura online classes the information/ Resources and guidance she gives as a teacher to her students is more than expected ,she is very generous with her time and wants to help you as a student get the most out of what you are learning.' - Norma 

'Laura is such a kind and nourishing natural teacher. She keeps things feeling so casual and relatable while also pouring out her wisdom and guidance. I took away so much more than I expected when doing her course. I feel so lucky to be able to have experienced it. I cannot recommend Laura enough'. - Kirra

' I recently enjoyed my first night of Laura’s Cuppa and Cards which was down to earth, easy going and friendly, I will be back! Love Laura’s Dreamtime reading cards which I use for weekly guidance and recently purchased her Saltwater cards which I was impressed by the box the deck lives in. Both decks have beautiful, colourful and impressive artwork, thank you Laura! "      - Gwenny

***I wish to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Australia. I acknowledge and pay respect to the Gumbainggirr people who are custodians of the land I live on in the beautiful Bellingen Valley. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the Elders, both those who have passed and those who are with us, for the knowledge and wisdom the have shared and the strength and determination they have shown. It is because of their courage, wisdom and resilience that we have a continuous living culture that spans over 60,000 years***
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