I am probably best known as a story teller.
Through my art, published Oracle decks and courses, I share my culture and very special connection to country by encouraging individuals to learn from observing, documenting and interpretation of the  flora, fauna and sacred spaces that form the cultural landscape that makes up our natural environment. 
As a leader within my family and the wider community, I feel it is my responsibility to speak up, to share my truth and to encourage others through living by example my core values of truth, Cultural integrity, honesty, connection and respect. 
I have spent over half of my life speaking and advocating on Aboriginal Education and cultural governance as a representative in my local and regional communities. More recently I have moved into a mentoring and educator space after becoming  qualified as a Business,  Leadership and Management teacher in the Vocational Education & Training sector.
I am now running my own business offering workshops, one on one mentoring and group programs in my favourite areas of creating oracle decks, art, connecting to Country, Nature Reading, as well as showing others how to use nature, intuition and creativity to build their own creative business. 

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***I wish to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Australia. I acknowledge and pay respect to the Gumbainggirr people who are custodians of the land I live on in the beautiful Bellingen Valley. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the Elders, both those who have passed and those who are with us, for the knowledge and wisdom the have shared and the strength and determination they have shown. It is because of their courage, wisdom and resilience that we have a continuous living culture that spans over 60,000 years***
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