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Laura Bowen is an artist,author and Nature reader who brings a diverse range of skills together to offer you a truly unique learning experience. 

With her background in Aboriginal Education, consultancy, spirituality and culture,  Laura weaves and shares her knowledge and experiences through her art, workshops and her published works to empower, enlighten and inspire others to value the connection between themselves and the natural environment. 

 Through her Spirit Wakes Academy, Laura offers her students the opportunity to develop their connection to the natural world and their intuition through her nature reading program as well as how to  explore their creative self. 

Laura's Indigenous connections are to the Worimi and Biripi people of the Manning River area of NSW. She takes great pride in not only her Aboriginal heritage but of all the influences that are sewn into the tapestry that is her blood line.

From an early age Laura was taught to look to her natural environment for answers and insight. Through her art and writing Laura now communicates and shares her spirituality and culture to help others tap into and connect to the spirits of the sky, land and sea.

Her art , online courses and workshops speak of her connection to place, love of colour and life long observations of the Australian landscape, flora, fauna and its natural seasonal cycles.

Laura is also a mother to 5 children who range in age from adulthood down to pre school and through her 20 years of parenting she is able to understand and encourage others who feel that internal compass which is urging them to follow their heart and pursue a more creative life connected to the natural cycles and the fascinating world around them. Laura shares the messages and her knowledge of the natural world so that you too can awaken your connection to the land on which you live and the Spirits of place which dwell there. 

Laura was born and raised in the magical Bellingen Valley on the Mid north Coast of NSW,

As well as my decks, online courses  and art, I also have a shop front on where I offer my unique fabric designs.  

Lets hear from others who are sharing their experiences with Laura's art,  Nature inspired Reading cards and Courses -

"Laura Bowen is a storyteller. Engaging with her paintings and oracle cards is akin to being taken through an inner doorway, to a fireside - outside of space and time - that is seated in the collective soul memory. Like any gifted storyteller, Bowen makes you remember - and through the wisdom of her ancestors she helps you to reconnect to your own. " - A.M. Galdorcraeft
"I love Laura's Dreamtime reading cards, they are easy to read and connect with the messages. I have a few decks of cards but find I can really relate and connect with the messages of these cards and they always plainly explain the guidance in a way that's easy to understand. Laura is strong, compassionate, talented and caring and this comes through in her work. I have a lovely piece of Laura's art work and it inspires me everyday and I love her dreamtime reading cards and am looking forward to her next deck ." -Karen 
"I find Laura's Dreamtime Reading Cards gives that much needed connection to the Spirit of this Land. It is so important for the completion of our own growth to have this connection with our Great Mother Earth. Can't wait for her next pack to be released. -Virginia 
"All of Laura's work from her Dreamtime Reading Cards through to her Art are infused with the timeless wisdom of the natural world. Her cards offer a deeply yearned for simplicity which make it easy to implement  their wisdom into your daily life. It is obvious that Laura has a deep connection to the land and all it's seasons and cycles. Looking forward to her Salt Water Deck." - Sandra
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